Trapped // S01E01

I am Kiraki, and I have traveled in the middle of the country this weekend.

It’s been three days, and I am still there.

Brasov, Romania (November 2017)

I am used to traveling. I am used to seeing new places, discovering hidden gems and always longing for the new and exciting.

Some of my posts and pictures reflect that.

Now, even though I like taking pretty pictures and spotting the most beautiful, serene scenery, most of the time I find creepy settings more interesting.

On Friday I had to cross an intersection in a big city. I don’t have much time to explain so I will get straight to the point.

I had to go down a passage and walk through it to get out on the other side of the intersection.

I had an issue though. The doors on the other side were closed, and there was no way I could have opened them and get out. My mum was calling me, and I answered. I laughed it off with her and tried to hurry up the conversation.

I went back to where I came from. To my surprise, those doors were closed too. Again, I couldn’t open them.

It’s been three days since then. My coordinates are 45° 39′ 26.8344” ; N25° 36′ 23.1768” E.

I must have been asleep during this time. I just switched on my phone about an hour ago, and I had full battery. The picture above was the last one I took. Nobody is answering my phone, no one is online on Facebook, and I can’t get out of here. I think my life was robbed.

At least I took a picture. I will take more, and edit them, and post them all on social media.

I will go to sleep after.


*To be continued…*

5 thoughts on “Trapped // S01E01

  1. Thank you so much for the ‘like’ on my first attempt at a ‘horror’ story. It is not a genre that I have liked but it was really interesting to try to write one and, more important, it brought me to your blog where I found many of your stories not only interesting but enjoyable, which is a new experience for me. It encourages me to try to write more.
    I tried to find where you live but could not; Romania, where I have many friends, even București where I have a few? Netherlands?
    Look forward to see how you get out of that tunnel, if you do!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I appreciate your words 🙂 I’m moving around and traveling a lot really, but currently you can find me in Romania! Check S01E02 and S01E03 to find out how I escaped the passage, the stories are on my blog! Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you around more often 🙂


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